Dynamic worlds, built to order.

Machine learning visual datasets, built to order.

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Change your perspective.

Modify everything, train autonomous systems that are ready for anything.


Aerial Drones

Sidewalk Robots


Sanlab worlds are beautiful, malleable, and elegant. 

Procedural You need infinite worlds, but there’s no budget high enough to data-model every possibility. Sanlab uses computation to generate our worlds, not cameras. Nothing here is static.

Compact There’s no need to collect or store oceans of data. Our process functions like a compression algorithm, turning images into concepts to produce rich, compact datasets. 

Photo-Realistic Our worlds are variable, but also cinematic. Photo-realistic rendering has the feel of a hyper-real game. Rather than burning money and hours recording reality, Sanlab frees your imagination.

Go anywhere your mind can take you. Change the world with the touch of a button.


Stretch Resources

Driving roads to capture data is labor-intensive, slow, and costly — and that’s before you introduce variability. Sanlab gets you there faster and cheaper than traditional models.


Train for the Future

If you’re limited by the physical world, you can’t train systems for what it will look like in coming decades. Sanlab offers predictive training and testing for whatever is coming down the pike.